Marketing departments exist for the sole purpose of helping grow the revenue of the company. That may be through developing a strong brand, running direct response advertising, or something in between. But in its most simplistic form, marketing is the idea that by spending money to promote what you do, what you sell, and what makes you different, you will earn more back than you spent in the form of new sales. Otherwise, why would we do it?

We built AdRoll X because we saw marketing tech diverging from that simple marketing goal. As dollars moved online, and more and more tactics became available to marketers, ensuring this connection between marketing spend and revenue growth has increased in difficulty. While well-intentioned, the industry has led marketers to pursue vanity metrics like CTR, CPC and eventually CPA, without truly understanding whether those metrics were correlated with an increase in the number of sales. Sure, it makes sense that if a user clicks an ad and then makes a purchase that we’d assume that ad deserves the credit. But what would happen if that user never saw that ad? Would she have made that purchase anyway? Was a previous touch point the actual driver?

AdRoll X is built to answer those questions. Our testing and measurement technology is designed from the ground up to understand what campaign configurations are actually causing conversions, rather than just touching conversions.  We’re investing in new algorithms focused on optimizing for new metrics, like Sales Lift and Incremental ROAS. The result is the first solution that is holding itself accountable to the same metrics that your CFO uses to report to your board. And it’s changing the scale by which we’re able to impact our customers’ bottom line.

Embracing this change means embracing a new North Star. It means challenging old assumptions around what is truly driving value for your business and not being afraid to ask the hard questions. AdRoll X is our commitment to partnering with you on the journey—and we hope you’ll join us in pushing the industry to a new standard of accountability.

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