A marketer’s customer data is their most valuable asset.

We know from working with over 25,000 marketers, though, that this customer data often lives in disparate places—like lead-generating advertising and marketing automation software—and is greatly underutilized, too.

We’re making it easier to connect the dots between these two key sources of data to help marketers holistically understand the customer journey by integrating AdRoll and HubSpot. We’re now a HubSpot Connect partner, meaning you can directly integrate your HubSpot data into AdRoll and run programmatic display campaigns informed by valuable customer data.

“More and more it’s critical for Marketers to nurture customers with other channels than just email. AdRoll is a great all-in-one ad solutions for inbound Marketers who want to get more out of their lists of leads.” Marcus Andrews , Senior Product Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Unlock the power of AdRoll and HubSpot

You can supercharge your purchase funnel by joining AdRoll with HubSpot. Rezdy, an early adopter and AdRoll customer, has had particularly great success so far.

“Integrating our HubSpot data with AdRoll decreased our cost per click by 66% and improved our click-through rate by 400%.” —Niek Dekker, Marketing Manager, Rezdy Online Booking Software

How to use AdRoll and HubSpot together

There are many applications for using AdRoll and HubSpot together. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Drive new traffic: Use event and webinar email lists to target prospects with online ads and bring them to your website.
  • Bridge offline and online sales: Increase online sales by using emails collected in store to promote your best deals on the web and mobile.
  • Drive users down the purchase funnel: After customers open an offer email, use targeted display ads as a reminder to re-engage with your brand.
  • Run account-based marketing campaigns: Create a HubSpot list of ideal target accounts and sync those, along with customized ad creative, with your most lucrative potential accounts.

How it works

HubSpot is the latest of a number of marketing platforms you can connect to with AdRoll, including Campaign Monitor, Facebook, and MailChimp. As long as you’re an AdRoll and HubSpot customer, you can get started by logging in to your AdRoll account and navigating to the “Integrations” section in “Settings.”


  1. Click “Connect” on the HubSpot icon.image03
  2. Grab your unique seven-digit HubSpot ID. After signing in, find your ID in the HubSpot dashboard.image03
  3. Copy your HubSpot ID, return to your AdRoll dashboard, and paste it into the “Enter your HubSpot ID” field.image00
  4. Click “Authenticate with HubSpot ID” and “Authorize.”
  5. Finally, click “Select Lists” to manage the lists you want to turn into segments.

Joining your marketing automation software with AdRoll helps combine the knowledge you’ve gained from your day-to-day marketing with our split-second decision-making on your customer’s purchase behavior. As your company grows and your marketing expertise increases, our performance engine is growing as well.