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On Monday, the AdRoll team is making a break for Hollywood — that is, Digital Hollywood. We’re heading down to Marina Del Rey for the Digital Hollywood Conference, which will take place at the Ritz Carlton. Digital Hollywood is a popular entertainment and technology conference where 2,500 folks will gather to discuss the latest and greatest technologies that are enhancing and advancing the entertainment industry — from movies to video games and beyond.

Retargeting is a particularly great fit for entertainment marketing, given the longer event-based marketing cycle for entertainment promotion. For example, when a potential customer views a movie trailer six months or a year in advance of a movie’s release, retargeting can help bring that potential customer back to the movie site, keep them engaged via additional teasers and content releases, and eventually convert them into a customer via ticket purchase. AdRoll’s Adam Berke will be talking about the benefits of retargeting for the entertainment industry on Monday, April 30 at 1 p.m at the Conference. He’ll be participating in a panel called, ‘Hypertargeting: Ad Networks, Ad Serving and Ad Targeting’ with fellow industry experts, including Jeffrey Hochberg from AOL, Phil Stocker from Microsoft and more. If you’re at Digital Hollywood on Monday, head over to AdvUP-2 Ballroom Terrace to check it out.