The AdRoll team is headed back to LA this week for E3, the world’s largest trade show for computer, video games and related products. The show draws thousands of attendees interested in learning about the future of interactive entertainment, including leading video game companies, media and industry analysts from over 100 countries. AdRollers at E3 will be handing out a special promo code for extended free AdRoll retargeting trials.

As we’ve written about in the past, retargeting is an excellent fit for entertainment marketing, especially video game promotion. For example, when a potential customer views screenshots or trailers months in advance of a video game release, retargeting can bring that potential customer back to the game site, keep them engaged via additional teasers, and eventually convert them to a customer on launch day.

So, now you know that AdRoll helps you keep gamers engaged and build excitement for new product and feature launches. Here are a few entertainment retargeting tips to help you do so effectively:

1) Treat users differently based on what part of your site they visit

User behavior on your site shows what your customers are most interested in. Gaming sites might want to display a cross promotion for buyers of a first game to come back and buy the second episode, or download related content. Likewise, if a customer purchases an action adventure game, they should receive cross promotion (targeted ads) to encourage them to buy another title from the action adventure genre. Targeting users differently, based on where on your site they’ve visited, will allow you to effectively cross sell to your customers.

2) Take time cohorts into account

Advanced cookie duration controls allow site owners to target users when they are most likely to convert. If your game data suggests that users finish a storyline game in 30 days, then you might want to use retargeting to upsell the next game in the series on day 25 or so. If you know that users are no longer a good target after they have considered buying for 45 days, you can remove them from your targeted audience for the campaign. Most marketers forget that valuable data can be collected from their sites even before a sale goes live.

3) Leverage site data for pre-order sales

AdRoll helps advertisers collect a detailed user list and leverage it to execute an engaging awareness campaign when it’s time to pre-sell upcoming game titles. Rather than rely on email awareness via a small percentage of site visitors who sign up for updates, AdRoll retargeting engages visitors who have expressed the greatest interest in a particular game title or genre, resulting in much faster sales than other promotion channels.

4) Use video retargeting

Video retargeting helps keep soon-to-be-released games top-of-mind, by retargeting past site visitors with pre-roll video ads and trailers, through integrations with numerous video inventory sources like Bright Roll and Google. Video retargeting is one of the most effective ad options for entertainment retargeting, allowing you to use your dynamic game assets in a compelling way, even as visitors browse other sites.