You just weathered a killer Black Friday and a sizzling Cyber Monday. But step back from that eggnog — the December shopping season has just begun, and there’s still a lot of work to do. Lucky for you, AdRoll is here with a sackful of helpful holiday retargeting tips.

This year, 91% of holiday shoppers will be buying and researching gifts online. 40% plan to do at least half of their shopping online. In-store sales may have dipped a bit this holiday season, but online shopping is already up 17.3%. What does that mean? If you want your share of the $301 – $800 the average holiday shopper will spend on gifts this year, you need to be talking to them online.

Catch Those Last-Minute Shoppers

Since 81% of holiday shoppers will be looking for discounts, 76% are primed for free shipping, and 60% are ready to pounce on purchase incentives, you can’t miss with a good, solid promotion. And you want to to keep those ads running well into January: 41% of shoppers won’t finish until mid-December, a quarter will shop up to the very last minute — and for 8% of shoppers, holiday shopping doesn’t end until after Christmas Day.

Grab High-Quality, Low-Cost Inventory

Once the peak holiday advertising frenzy has passed, prices for inventory drop up to 25% — but that doesn’t mean the customers have stopped looking. Between December and January, we’ve seen impressions go up by 15%. That’s a small price to pay for so many eyeballs. And, since the trend carries over into the New Year, you’ll want to keep your retargeting program running all winter.

More Inventory!

With fewer advertisers bidding on those ad placements, you’re much more likely to win a prime piece of inventory. To take your year-end and New Year advertising dollar even further, drive sales and reward customer loyalty with critical last-minute discounts and creative promotions.

Everyone Loves Loyalty

And speaking of loyalty, this is one of the highest-performing segments for AdRoll clients. Average click-through rates for loyalty campaigns are double those of standard retargeting, and the average ROI is 15% higher. Reward past and present customers with free shipping and special discounts.

Get More from Your List

You built a huge list this quarter. With so many opportunities opening up over the next month, it just doesn’t make sense to let it go to waste. Retarget the audience that you put so much care into building— they’re still interested and ready to buy!

In short, keep up the momentum you built all year with retargeting programs that take every advantage of the amazing opportunities this season provides. Turn your retargeting on full blast, engage all of those eager online shoppers, and end the year strong. And when you’re sipping champagne on New Year’s Eve, you’ll enjoy it even more.

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